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Changzhou Koye Chemical Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of Jiaerke Group, is a specialized chemical company along with production, R&D, and import & export of performance chemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates. On the basis of the plentiful experiences of production and R&D in the chemical industry more than two decades from group company Jiaerke, Koye chemical is engaged in import & export of performance chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials & intermediates and offers a broad range of high value products and services for companies at home and abroad.

PERFOMANCE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: Our group company is a professional enterprise on water treatment, possessing 20000T/a of capacity for Phosphonates & 3000T/a of capacity for polymers. The products are shown as follows:1.Water treatment chemicals, mainly includes:series of organic phosphoric acid, biocide and polymer;2. Fine chemicals,mainly includes flame retardant, pharmaceutical raw materials & intermediates. Export to many countries and areas such as Europe, North America, South America, South-East Asia etc.

RAW MATERIALS & INTERMEDIATES: Steroid hormone products are approved by US FDA,CFDA with COS Certificate. For the support of manufacturing base in Nantong, raw materials & intermediates like anticancer drugs or anti-rheumatic drugs gain recognition from Top 10 bionic pharmaceutical Indian customers.

R&D: Own an experienced team for R&D and process improvement, synthetic and biochemical labs, sophisticated multifunctional pilot workshop conforming to GMP standard. Be able to customize chemical products from the level in gram to that in kilogram. Excel at process scale-up from lab to workshop.

IMPORT: As agent of foreign companies in Japan and India for many chemical products to sell in domestic market, such as pyridine&derivatives, pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates like series of Phenol and Aniline. And we are the exclusive agency of J.P Company in India. Also, we provide professional services for importing varieties of chemicals and purchasing for domestic manufacturers.

Koye chemical insists on gaining win-win situation with customers&partners at home and abroad. Forever direction of Koye Chemical:Creating customer’s value, Developing brilliant future.

Changzhou Koye Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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